Enzo Ishall songs 2019 vanokudherera

Enzo Ishall is a very hard-working artist and his latest video is an attestation to this. He is simply unstoppable.

He recently released the video Vanokudherera (Hausi Muroyi), and this video speaks volumes of how Enzo Ishall has unique story-telling abilities that are almost, and arguably, unparalleled.

His story-telling abilities are complemented well with this video; a video brought to life by NAXO Films.

There is brilliant acting from the ensemble of artists and comedians. Starring in the video are DJ Tawaz, Ray Vines, Bhutisi and Gonyeti.

It’s a story that many people can relate to. It’s easy to follow, easy to comprehend, and makes some interesting life observations. We are loving it. The trajectory being taken by Enzo Ishall is remarkably impressive. And we hope he stays on that path and not deviate from it.

It’s a good piece of art and many of his fans will appreciate it. Even those who are not fans will find it easy to enjoy.

Many interesting and hilarious scenes in the video.

You can watch Vanodherera (Hausi Muroyi) by Enzo Ishall here and tell us what you think:


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