Mnangagwa is the president of Zimbabwe and ZANU-PF and ZANU-PF always lies to Zimbabweans. Zimbabwean politics has been destroyed by ZANU-PF
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Election season has come around again. So much has changed, the changes were beyond the scope of our imaginations. The campaigns are fierce, the disparaging attacks are vicious, and as usual, it’s time for the politicians to sell lies again.

The politics game revolves around making grand promises. The promises are conveyed in ways that make them larger than life, so that they become more convincing. People are moved, people decide to buy into these promises. When the guys win and are now in power, it becomes reality that the promises were unrealistic, and those guys just lack the capacity to mirror those promises into substantive reality.

That is the case with Zimbabwean politics. The main protagonist in this rather sad narrative is ZANU-PF, Zimbabwe’s ruling party. It is a formidable party that has managed to keep power for a whole 38 years, tearing Zimbabwe into pieces and leaving Zimbabweans in a seemingly irretrievable mess. What ZANU-PF has done over the years is lying to people. A toxic combination of lies, deception, authoritarian rule, violence and heartlessness has managed to keep them in power. Add to that the heavily biased state media which has no shame at all in what they do.

While many politicians propagate lies, the extent to which that has been done by ZANU-PF is very damaging. MDC-T politicians are also liars. Politicians from many parties preach lies. But ZANU-PF has messed with people’s lives, they have wreaked havoc in every crevice and corner of the country. They have had the mandate (at times illegitimate) to run this country but they have dismally failed. Why? Because they sell lies, and there are some people who strongly believe those lies.

It is extremely difficult to fathom why some people buy into these lies. ZANU-PF makes all the grand promises but when it is time to deliver, it just looks as if they are completely clueless about turning things around, or they simply do not even care about all of that, as long as they are in power and they are enjoying the benefits that come with having power. Any other party can even do that. But we do not know, because executive power has always been in the hands of ZANU-PF.

Just when one thinks that the mess that Zimbabwe is reeling under is evident for everyone to see, some will still think the opposite direction. Almost everything in Zimbabwe is in a terribly bad shape. The health system is one of the worst in the world, infrastructure is dilapidated and outdated, the country runs on a measly budget, almost everything really is not okay in this country. It’s election season, and they are selling the lies again.

They have failed to deal with corruption, they take long to amend or repeal unjust laws, the cash crisis remains unresolved, impunity is still rampant, everything is just bad. They are coming to you again,seeking another term. They campaign like an opposition party, promising to deliver all that they mention. Question is why not deliver now, handiti you have the power here nhai? But it’s Zanu-PF, that’s what they do.

The Emmerson Mnangagwa-led government wants us to believe that all of a sudden they are now saints with the interests of the country at heart. They have been on a charm offensive, seeking to erase their evil history, as they were co-conspirators in the destruction of the country. It is hard to give them any chance because old habits die hard. ZANU-PF is a selfish, heartless party that has been toxic and detrimental to the Zimbabwean politics.

As the 2018 elections in Zimbabwe are approaching, people need to assess their candidates more carefully. Many of the candidates are not the ideal for Zimbabwe, but because ZANU-PF has destroyed this country almost beyond repair, people are willing to give these other candidates a choice. The recently released manifesto of ZANU-PF is replete with lies. They talk of a good healthy system, alleged successes under both Mugabe and Mnangagwa, but we all know the truth.

Remember all the promises they made in 2013. It’s 2018 now, and what have they achieved? It’s about the rhetoric!

The truth is ZANU-PF has failed Zimbabwe.

They will produce more lies. Because their primary aim is to remain in power and enjoy the loot.

2018 elections in Zimbabwe are going to be very decisive for the future of Zimbabwean politics.

It’s also worthwhile to note that the military coup in November 2017 set a bad precedent for Zimbabwe.

Democracy in Zimbabwe will always be under threat as long as some people believe the lies of ZANU-PF, and also decide to benefit from them.

Don’t let ZANU-PF lie to your faces this time around.

But still, you’re entitled to your political choices.

Just make the right one, okay?


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