Don Dada supports Zim Hip Hop
Don Dada

Shoko Festival came and it meant it was that time again: Zim Hip Hop Summit. The Zim Hip Hop Summit provided a chance for players in the industry to converge and share ideas on how to push the culture forward.

We spoke with one of the panelists, Don Dada, from South Africa. He spoke to us about his support for Zim Hip Hop, and how he thinks Zim Hip Hop has a chance to flourish.

In terms of the future of Zim Hip Hop, he told that the industry is still young and has time to mature. “It took South Africa more than 20 years to get to the point where they at.” He spoke of the viability of the industry if the ambition is truly there to make the industry move forward.

He stressed the importance of forging partnerships especially with South African artists, alluding to how Nigerian artists have successfully done that across the continent. He said South Africa artists should open the door a bit more for Zim artists.

When it comes to him supporting Zim Hip Hop, he clearly made it a point it’s something he is dedicated to. He spoke of how he will maximise his role as a digital aggregator to give space for Zim Hip Hop, to bring artists on all the platforms he has. He does television shows, radio presenting and said it’s open for Zimbabwean artists, saying that it’s up to the Zim Hip Hop artists to take them up.

Don Dada is a Zimbabwean-born artist based in South Africa. He is a Rastafarian, being brought up by a Rastafarian father and a Christian mother. He has found his musical home in rap, and not in reggae. But his rap is infused with heavy traces and influence of reggae. He has continued to be identified with Zimbabwe throughout his career.


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