DJ Phabb worked with Soul Jah love, jamaican artists and cries state of zim music
DJ Phabb

By Donald Gwasira

After sourcing inspiration from well established DJ Stavo and DJ Fidel from Kwekwe, DJ Phabb decides to venture into the mainstream production. He expressed the fact that he was born with a music passion. “I started music when I was in grade 7 but I was born with a passion for music”.

His next door neighbor’s also contributed towards his ambitions; DJ Stavo and DJ Fidel as they grew up together in Kwekwe. He never backed down until he made his own name in the producing fraternity especially dancehall since 2011 and has produced a couple of hits for Soul Jah Love and the most promising dancehall artist SkillFull Tongue.

His latest production titled “Year of Success” riddim has raised the countries flag especially in Jamaica as it features Kalado, Khago, Chilando, Stein, Clymax and SkillFull Tongue.

Dj Phabb cried out to the promoters, “Our music needs sponsorship especially towards the producer’s as artists are taking legal rights at their shows which results us not to get any cent towards that show because as we speak live shows are paying off around the globe and also in Zimbabwe.”

He wants legal action to be taken by Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) and urges all producers not only to produce in order to get caught up in the hype over fame but to focus on what puts food on the table, “Some of the producers do not even afford to have a stable income generation and even fail to pay lobola”.

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