R. Peels disses zim hip hop femcees
R. Peels

“Bloggers don’t face me, McPotar don’t face me”, the rapper is not to entertain anybody that’s distracting his unruly mission and indeed we are here not to face R Peels but tell the world about it.

The Not Impressed freestyle diss song exposes a lot that has been happening behind the scenes in Zim Hip Hop. We could have directly quoted most of the lyrics were they clean but however the message was delivered, R Peels is ready to face any rapper who disagrees with his ‘honest’ opinions.

The femcees may not be working as hard as the male rappers but Mwana WaPharoah’s call might have been grammatically misinterpreted or presented. He might not have intentionally degraded them as he later consolidated his position saying he wouldn’t diss Trae Yung and Blacperl, they are his family. However the damage was already done.

The video is now here exactly a week after the audio was released. He is indeed working, the same spirit he wished the femcees had and well it’s their battle as we watch from the stands. We give the video a benefit of doubt considering it’s a freestyle promptly done to address a pressing issue in the best way he can. He leads a small crew walking in the ghetto as he raps and he enters a cabin as the camera flies above to end the video. The fact that he also got publicly attacked makes it a fair case to really take into account R Peels’ message. If it were really as bad as it seems, Noble Stylz the ‘bro’ to Peels wouldn’t have dissed back on Facebook and this scratching reveals how their relationship had already deteriorated before this latest skirmish.

It did not come as a surprise that R Peels is in hot soup for a purportedly misguided statement. His latest deliveries including the RedNation podcast freestyle clearly elaborate he’s not ready to tolerate mediocrity in Zim Hip Hop, he has strong inclinations towards real and hardcore hip hop. When you meet R peels you only need a few minutes to notice you are in company of a hip hop kid. Famous for his ZviriEvaBeautiful and Kudenga Kure albums, Peels is a rapper from Chitungwiza who has recently stormed Zim Hip Hop with his crude opinions.

This is not the first time seeing Peels in these altercations, we have seen him burst when Noble Stylez trolled rappers particularly yungins for attending the Zim Hip Hop Awards. It got to him that he had to make a thread on Twitter to express his disappointment in the so called OGs of the game which was clearly pointed towards Noble Stylz. He continues to reinstate that Noble is his brother and recently gave him an S/O on his freestyle with RedNation. In as much as we might view the youngster as a pompous, attention seeking, big headed or whatsoever he has gone an extra mile in trying to fight cowardice in the game.

In the much heated Facebook scuffle, it has been observed that he might have had a fallout with some of the promoters hence he has not been getting slots on their lineups. He has claimed that he’s been losing awards to corrupt rappers and yet nobody was talking about it. He directly fingered Begotten Sun for dumping him as he favors Bulawayo artists though the latter wittingly responded saying his love for the kid ain’t lost yet since he claims to resonate with Peels’ energy and indeed the hip hop energy is there. Talking about Bulawayo, he spoilt his message when he claimed he’s better than every rapper in the City of Kings, yet Asaph is based in the same city.

His music is full of himself stating how he has inspired the game, creating hype and having the best rap style in the nation. Since hip hop is a matter of entitlement that on itself gives his music some green light. Yes, it’s provocative, but the game needs some hype which Peels is proving to be the best candidate though he still lacks hits outside the hip hop fraternity. The same spirit shown in Takura’s Noise is what R Peels is and has been.

Mwana waPharoah is an unstoppable character, so ambitious that he and co had designed their own Zim hip hop show in Chitungwiza (House of Hip Hop) with a very exciting lineup as well though it did not come to pass. He had another show with fellow Zim Hip Hop artists supposed to take place in Zvishavane in March and it was suddenly cancelled much to his disappointment. So with this on record, he’s already been let down, bruised and been victimized by various circumstances. The industry failed to love him as he grew. He has not won major gongs despite coming close last year where his fire album lost to Mariachi who came out as the surprise winner. Peels recently won the best album accolade with CMELA awards which is his major highlight.

Okay, he wrote on his Facebook timeline, ‘I’m not impressed by any Zim Hip Hop female rapper yet, for the past years, not even 1’. Prominent names in the game were quick to react notably Kuda Musasiwa aka Begotten Sun who advised the youngster to voice out opinions in diplomatic ways that do not downplay fellow competitors. Noble Stylz went an extra mile, scornfully restraining Peels in a manner that depicted how they had accepted the young MC as part of their family. They actually did a collaboration and Noble claims the same femcees had given R Peels a co sign. Kikky Badass is the leading female rapper who publicly responded outlining how she has toured other countries a thing which R Peels is yet to experience. She did not stop as she continued on Twitter with a diss responding to Lady K who had asked,’ nhai what is R Peels smoking’ and she mockingly quoted the tweet saying ‘ma soft wire aanopfeka muhuro’ (referring to Peels’ chains) so it’s getting nastier.

It is indeed the hip hop culture to compete just like in any genre. Rap is a battlefield and in the song Surprise Mwana WaPharoah interestingly said ‘hip hop kwatiri ain’t music it’s a sport’ though the sportsmanship is lost, it is about supremacy in terms of content and style. As a growing culture, it has more appeal when the culture starts to grow as a unit and it is much more respectable hence a majority have condoned Peels’ careless rants. After assessing the contributions and involvement of Mwana WaPharoah in the game it is also important to take note of how much this nigga has been quarantined, his conduct with Changamire Awards is also a matter of concern though the inside details have been kept away from the public.

R peels is not impressed with the behavior of some hip hop stakeholders and the female rappers issue is only part of the genuine concerns. He has decided to address his beef with Natasha Muz and in the process his genuine haters have found a scapegoat to attack the youngster. We will be having his album God My Therapist in August, now that he has discovered his haters and bona fide fans let’s see how the talented rapper is gonna roll. Let there be love.

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