DaKid Verse Making Moves


Zim Hip Hop has been the centre of attraction lately in terms of music in Zimbabwe. Artists like Takura are putting more quality stuff out there,Ti Gonzi is doing more collaborations and defending his music identity. While y’all were up and about trying to catch up with what’s happening in the Zim Hip Hop industry, you missed out something big and let us bring you up to speed. There is a rapper who is on the verge of taking the hip hop industry by storm, if you walk down in the streets of Mabvuku or  Milton Park there is a lot of ZikuTsotsi Movement merchandise worn by young people and that only tells you something, ‘SOMEBODY IS MAKING MOVES’.

DaKid Verse is a rapper who started his music career in late 2015. In that year he made a song called Mashereni featuring  Nyasha Timbe and Yoz Wedu. The song made it to  the Zim Rap Cities Harare CD Compilation and since then he hasn’t looked back.The Mabvuku bred rapper is currently not signed to any label but started his own indie record label called ZikuTsotsi Movement. He recently co-signed five artists.Together with the artists under the label  they will be dropping their first EP titled ZikuTsoTsi Movement (Brick by Brick) Ep, the crew is in the process of recording the music as we are writing this article.


DaKid Verse

Apart from being a music label founder, DaKid Verse released his first album The Father Of The Son which is the second project after the Untold Stories Ep which was released last year.

His music is somehow relatable as he brings punchlines in his verses and always stick to telling a story. His melodic rap distinguish him from other rappers in the game. Listen up to some of his songs and let us know what you think.Make sure you keep up with him as he is on the way to the promised land of Zim Hip Hop ELITES.

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