Zimbabwe top 5 collaborations 2019

Two cooks never spoil the soup, that’s the context of Zimbabwean music. 2019 has seen more collaborations which are going down as hits for years. Things might be desperately falling apart in this country but music seems to be peaking. We understand that the trajectory is not actually favorable for every artiste but the progress is there. The below collaborations topped charts and were anthems throughout the year. The views here remain subjective but well supported.

5. Buffalo Souljah ft Enzo Ishall – Fear No Man

We won’t be talking about Zimbabwean music without the name Enzo Ishall. Despite this year being bumpy, the young ZimDancehall sensation must be honored for his chunk of dominance in the industry and resilience in the face of career threatening criticism. Nah Fear No Man was a success and lifted dancehall standards to a whole new level, the patois and ghetto inspired video. Thanks Big Buff for such an ambassadorial gesture in uplifting the youths.

4. Hillzy ft Garry Mapanzure – TV Room

One of the most colorful videos we had in 2019. TV room met international standards without doubt. The song represents the success of R’N’B music on the local music arena. The song won the revered AFRIMA Best African R’N’B duo/group ahead of Nasty C’s Whipped and Davido’s Blow My Mind with Chris Brown. This is an underrated feat. Nonetheless we celebrate it here as a historical milestone for the two ladies’ men.

3. Freeman ft Alick Macheso – Ngaibake

Baba Sharo is a magician. Freeman’s boldness was enough to dare and experiment a dancehall-sungura fusion which became an instant success. This was rightly the song for the summer with the Ngaibake shirts trending too, kudos Baba Sharo for such influence. The video didn’t disappoint as well. Ngaibake is certainly making it to your December playlist. Mulengi anati tiyenela kusangalala chabe osati tizimenyana, I know you didn’t get this but stay on the dance floor.

2. Ishan ft Ti Gonzi – Kure

Now this is a wonderful story. Kure is undoubtedly the biggest thing that has come from the local hip hop arena. Ti Gonzi’s unfortunate incident in March might have helped accelerate the popularity of this jam. Kure’s simplicity and originality is just tremendous. Ti Gonzi might as well be the Artiste of the year after proving his metal beyond Kure and indeed it was not just a fluke, mans if fire. Congratulations Imwe Mbeu!

1.Winky D ft Gemma Griffiths – Mugarden

This did not only come as a surprise but a valentine’s gift that will be cherished as Winky D’s best video of all time. In terms of reception this duet is the biggest pacesetter which broke boundaries getting attention from all walks of life, from politicians to street vendors it’s the nation’s love soundtrack. It still holds the Zimbabwean record of a million views in fastest time, 2 weeks only. This milestone alone nails Mugarden on the top spot maybe until his next song. This was also the breakthrough of Gemma Griffiths who became an overnight superstar. Imajeni not having this as your number 1 song for 2019.

Please note that this top 5 has a bias towards contemporary genres. Share with us your views below.

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