Chitown Music, Entertainment and Lifestyle Awards (CMEL Awards) has partnered with various creatives in a bid to help inform and educate the public about the Cholera and Typhoid outbreak. The CMELA initiative is aimed at working with various creatives from artists, writers, video directors, sportspersons and social media influencers in order to help fix the situation instead of flaming the fire through entertainment and social media.

Talking to the founder of the initiative, Gamuchirai “DJ Chrxn” Chogugudza he said ”It is part of our goal, to unite the city, country and eventually the continent in a creative and digital savvy way to bring solutions for African problems. As people we react to problems in different ways and for some reason as Africa we amplify the problem instead of making the situation a better by bringing solutions to the table. We understand, there is a crisis .Therefore there is an obvious need for us to merge our efforts through different platforms and channels which we have in order to bring solutions instead of flaming the fire. Some can be doctors in the field and some can be used as advocates to help fight the cause. Therefore we as CMELA we are utilising our influence and the people/brands around us to help fight the problem by coming up with solutions”.

Currently they have engaged over 100 influencers who have sent in their pictures for them to create campaign material. The campaign material has been circulating on social media with information on how to prevent Cholera and Typhoid. They have partnered with celebs such as Bryan K, Crooger, Pro Beats, Yollanda (Miss Zim Finalist) Ninja Kid, Brythreesixty, Mzoe 7, Victor Kamhuka(Footballer), UZ Stallions(Rugby Team), Scrip Mula, Royal DJs (Juice and AM), Scara the Drummer, Bryan Zhawi, Donovan Faranando, Dj Feel good, Lynn Chie, Beav City, Ric Chasers (Chaser swear), Zim Celebs, ZimBuzz and the list goes on and on.

The CMEL Awards are also hosting awards for the 3rd time in a row and their theme for this year is #WeAreOne. For more information follow them on twitter.

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