Charly Black performed in harare, zimbabwe during election time
Charly Black

I’m an avid fan of Jamaican Reggae-Dancehall, and Charly Black is certainly one of those artists I pay respect to. He is good, gets you into the party anthem, and has some exciting lyrics. Listen to his music with a female next to you and the rest will be history.

When I heard he was coming to Zimbabwe, I was like well, dude, we will be having some drama here. Will you make it? Will it be a success, or a flop? The first time he came here in 2015 was a huge spectacle, and fans were left clamouring for more. He was supposed to come here in June, but had a fallout with his deejay and promoter over visa issues.

He finally made this last week, but we were already dealing with our own trauma. He came at a time when we were deeply embroiled in the election drama that was unfloding (we still are), and I don’t think him coming to Zimbabwe at such a time was a good move.

Charly Black in Zimbabwe is something which dancehall fans love. But it is all about timing. He performed at Club 1+1 in front of a paltry crowd, but his performance was energetic and lively, singing hit after hit. For the few fans that were there, they were truly entertained, and certainly enjoyed.

“I think we are few because of the weather. We sing dancehall music because it is full of energy. Don’t worry about the time, I know we are coming from election time and some people said I shouldn’t be here but I told them I have to do it for my fans,” Charly Black said.

He added, “Who was at my 2015 show, let’s appreciate what is here, the love and let’s enjoy. I said respect to my fans, I am going to perform whether there are few fans. I came here for business”.

The show was good for Nutty O, who wowed the crowd with his awesome performance too. Charly Black being in Harare is always good, but, timing is very important.

We would say most people had bigger issues to worry about.

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