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Why tendai biti was denied political asylum

Zambian Information Minister Explains Why Biti Was Denied Political Asylum in Zambia

Tendai Biti, one of the MDC Alliance principals who won a legislation seat for Harare East has generated some headlines in the past few days because of how the...
mwonzora latest says that there is no fighting between him and chamisa

Douglas Mwonzora Denies That There Is Fighting Between Him and Nelson Chamisa

There have been reports from the State media highlighting that there are rifts between Douglas Mwonzora and Nelson Chamisa and that there is serious infighting withing the MDC Alliance...

ZANU Wins Two-Thirds Parliamentary Majority – What This Means And How We’re Screwed

First, ZANU-PF is a complex system. Second, ZANU-PF is obsessed with making laws that ensure their grip on power is retained. Third, ZANU-PF likes a formalistic approach to the laws, they...
zec is compromised and not independent zec is delaying with results

Please, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, Have Mercy On Us, Waiting Is Not Cool

If there is one thing that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission needs to understand, it's that waiting is not cool. I mean, we are on the edge here, and they...
Zimbabwe 2018 elections: MDC Alliance must win and not ZANU-PF

Zimbabwe 2018 Elections: The Old Must Go And The New Must Come In

There are just a few days left and we will be casting our votes as Zimbabweans for the first time since the November 2017 coup. There is a bit of...

Prof Lovemore Madhuku Says He Will Not Win The Elections, So What’s The Plan?

Renowned Constitutional Law expert and presidential candidate Professor Lovemore Madhuku said that he is not winning the 2018 elections in Zimbabwe, arguing that he will use the this year's...
Nelson Chamisa is leader of MDC Alliance who is a formidable force as Zimbabwe holds its 2018 elections

Nelson Chamisa – The Formidable Force That Is Simply Hard To Ignore

It's election season, folks. A lot is happening in our political space and things are increasingly getting heated. That's how it's supposed to be when elections are impending. The...
President Mnangagwa was part of Gukurahundi. Mnangagwa must not act like he was not part of the zanu system for 38 years

Why Does President Mnangagwa Act Like He Was Not Part of The System For...

It's election season, folks. The election date was proclaimed already and the campaign mode is getting intense from all fronts. Which is how that's supposed to be. But there's...
Mnangagwa is the president of Zimbabwe and ZANU-PF and ZANU-PF always lies to Zimbabweans. Zimbabwean politics has been destroyed by ZANU-PF

Don’t Let ZANU-PF Lie To Your Faces This Time

Election season has come around again. So much has changed, the changes were beyond the scope of our imaginations. The campaigns are fierce, the disparaging attacks are vicious, and...

Nkosana Moyo’s Unconventional Campaign Tactics: What Is He Really Up To?

It's election season folks. Things are beginning to happen, in terms of campaigning. The electorate is being sold all sorts of messages (including blatant lies there). Of particular interest...

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