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Investing zimbabwe 2018 ahead of democracy

Should Zimbabwe Prioritise Investment Ahead of Democracy?

The question of investment over democracy is an important one that we should ask ourselves in line with the recent developments in the country. Choosing investment ahead of peace...
Zimbabwe must respect the rule of law if the country is to progress

Zimbabwe Must Respect The Rule of Law for The Progress of the Country

Zimbabwe has a poor track record of lack of respect for property rights and gross violation of basic human rights. When Emmerson Mnangagwa took over in November 2017, he...

ZANU Wins Two-Thirds Parliamentary Majority – What This Means And How We’re Screwed

First, ZANU-PF is a complex system. Second, ZANU-PF is obsessed with making laws that ensure their grip on power is retained. Third, ZANU-PF likes a formalistic approach to the laws, they...
zec is compromised and not independent zec is delaying with results

Let’s Respect Women And Their Private Lives

When I saw a tweet that postulated how it's tough being a woman, I realised how certain archaic behaviours are still finding dominance in our society, modern as we...
EcoCash Zimbabwe crashed for two days and shows vulnerabilities of mobile money in Zimbabwe

After The EcoCash Crash, Is Going Cashless The Most Secure Route?

Zimbabwe's economic woes led to a surge in the use of mobile money, and for EcoCash, the mobile money service provided by Econet, a huge avenue was found. But...

Can Zimbabwe Hold Free And Fair Elections This Year?

2018 is the election year for Zimbabwe and there are many sticking issues as regards how the elections will be conducted. Having been scarred by the painful memories of...

Zimbabwe’s President visits opposition leader: Genuine or PR stunt?

When one refers to a country that has been hit by rough, turbulent times when it comes to politics, Zimbabwe is an easy thought. The country has endured a...

Is ZANU-PF undergoing creative destruction and not disintegration?

This is a question that was raised by Alex Magaisa in his weekly blog the Big Saturday Read. With how events have unfolded in the past two weeks in...

Here’s why Martha O’Donovan’s case is a big and relevant one for all of...

The country, and the world at large, received the most unlikely news when an American citizens working for Magamba TV was arrested for retweeting a tweet that referred to...

New Boys on The Warriors’ Block: What’s Next?

For most (if not all) football fans both within and beyond the borders of the Zimbabwean borders, the international break acts as a temporary respite from all the affairs...

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