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Expired goods flood harare streets

Cause For Concern – Why Expired Goods Are Flooding Harare

Harare is now flooded with expired goods on its streets, especially food items, and it is a cause for concern really. The possibility of serious health hazards is ominous. The...

Ukuu Designs – Celebrating The Authenticity of Zimbabwean Colors Through Fashion

Apart from the famous ED Mnangagwa scarf there is another lit clothing that is making us do the excited Mukadota dance.Famous musician Oliver Mtukudzi came on stage during his...
Is Zimbabwe open for business, for investment in Zimbabwe

After All, Is Zimbabwe Really Open For Business, Both For Locals And Foreigners?

There were some who had genuinely believed that Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa was a changed man, that he was willing to embrace reform and dissociate himself from Robert Mugabe. But...
EcoCash Zimbabwe crashed for two days and shows vulnerabilities of mobile money in Zimbabwe

After The EcoCash Crash, Is Going Cashless The Most Secure Route?

Zimbabwe's economic woes led to a surge in the use of mobile money, and for EcoCash, the mobile money service provided by Econet, a huge avenue was found. But...
Emmerson Mnangagwa wants to revive Zimbabwe's economy

President Mnangagwa Says That Economy Remains Top Priority, But Does He Really Mean It?

Ever since President Emmerson Mnangagwa came to power in November 2017, he presented himself as a reforming man, a man to revive Zimbabwe's ailing economy. He has spent a...

Policy constistency key to a healthy business environment in Zimbabwe

Toxic business policies and other inconvenient laws have been a major impediment for investors to come to Zimbabwe in order to unlock new business opportunities. As a result, the economy...

Proposed National Alcohol Policy could affect Delta and African Distillers

The proposed National Alcohol Policy, which will introduce restrictions on the consumption of alcohol, is most likely to affect Delta Beverages and African Distillers (Afdis), the largest alcohol producers...

“Market indiscipline” forces RBZ to craft new law arresting cash dealers

There was panic buying over the weekend marked by shortages of basic commodities such as cooking oil and fuel. RBZ governer Dr. John Mangudya has attributed this to "growing market...

The cash crisis is likely going to persist

The cash crisis has beleagured Zimbabwe to the extent that some banks are now effecting $20 as the daily withdrawal limits. The central bank came up with the bond notes...

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