Vasikana Vekwedu - Jnr Brown ft Silent Killer

These ZimDancehall cats, they just speak whatever that’s on their mind. They don’t censor themselves. They speak it as it is.

Hwinza aka Sky Child released a song called Sombonyo in which he argues everyone on this planet likes sexual pleasures. Yah, like that.

It’s a catchy song, to be honest. A bit unconventional, but to the vast youths who are ardent followers of ZimDancehall, this song is life. The lyrics, quite relatable. And you can easily sing along to it.

Well, it’s a vulgar-type of song that has all qualities of being a favourite.

“Ndiani asingade…”

But well, this is ZimDancehall really. Hwinza is a new product of Chillspot Recordz, and we are eager to see how this new kid will do in the game.

Listen to Sombonyo (Ndiani) by Hwinza below and tell us what you think:

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