Monalisha Chishato and Micheal Mupotaringa, authors of the novel Blessed Princes. They are African authors on Amazon. Mcpotar is a fervent arts critic.
Michael Mupotaringa and Monalisa Chishato, authors of Blessed Princes

Blessed Princes, a short story authored by Michael ‘Mcpotar’ Mupotaringa and Monalisa K. Chishato is an interesting tale of love, deception and how flawed the institution of marriage can be.

The title of the book is apt in showing the overall plot of the story. Jasper, the main protagonist of the story, is a married man, the typical keep-up-appearances marriage with Maria. He has a clandestine relationship with Mary, a minister’s (insert the phrase once-secret daughter) daughter.

By some accident, the two women discover Jasper’s shenanigans, and a plan is concocted to resolve the precarious situation. As time goes on, it comes to  light that both the women are pregnant. Mary however has another boyfriend, Tawonga, who eventually marries her. The sinister thing was that Mary was pregnant by Jasper, and hence the title Blessed Princes (Maria’s son was called Prince and Mary’s son was called Blessed, see).

The cover for Blessed Princes, a short story written by Mcpotar and Monalisa Chishato
The cover for Blessed Princes

The plot however ends in a big suspense, after a rollercoaster ride of lies and deception. Maybe it was the technique of the authors, but one can have a feeling they could have developed it better. But anyway, we love the suspense. It leaves the reader with the chance to create a litany of many possible endings.

The book is replete with modern settings, highlighting love and relationships in our contemporary society. It is the touch of modernity in the book that makes it easily relatable to anyone reading it. The book is a reflection of how our relationships, some culminating into  marriages, have become so toxic and marked with lies.

We pretty much like the style of the book: short, simple and straight to the point. The extensive descriptive language in the book brings each and every theme to the fore in a clear manner.

It is their debut novel, and in all fairness, Monalisa Chishato and Michael Mupotaringa did a good job.

Blessed Princes is enjoyable.

Get Blessed Princes if you think your views could be diverging.

You can buy their book via this link.

Image taken from Mcpotar’s website.

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