Biznez - Official Biznez album

If you are the type to say Zimbabwean Hip Hop does not have some relatable content, may we present to you the Official Biznez album by none other than Biznez.

Ofiicial Biznez is a work that chronicles our typical Zimbabwean stories but through the power of hip-hop. It captures the everyday themes that the average Zimbos go through, their everyday lives. And then those, “you feel me” vibes.

Just the track Amai Hwe will tell you that Biznez is here for serious business. Even the sound is mixed with an African traditional feel, making it easily relatable. Issues like unemployment, prostitution, poverty are thoroughly tackled. Like, what is life in Zimbabwe?

Some party vibes are executed well in this album, ably assisted by Anonzi Xndr. We strongly urge you to pay close attention to the track that features Ti Gonzi. The clever, witty bars, which don’t sound labored. Ti Gonzi really spiced the album. His insane bars brought life upon life. Biznez and Ti Gonzi really make a good team.

Lots of Natasha Muz, Vannel Vee and Lisa Jemali in there. Ti Gonzi, Anonzi Xndr and Swish too.

Oh, and there’s that mention for bloggers doing the most in terms of pushing the culture. Yeahhh!

The track Official Biznez which has the title of the album brings to the fore issues that Biznez holds on dear to; his grind, his music, just making money man.

Another standout track is Visitation. We like it for it’s easy flowing rhymes and a perfectly executed narration of a life story. And then, Zororai Murugare.

Official Biznez is more of what Zim Hip Hop needs. Bizzo!

You can download the album on this Mediafire link or this Audiomack link


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