Happy women's day Zimbabwe

When I think of life I think of women, when I think of women I picture life. Even though the world is failing to accept the power of womanhood, gone are the days when men used to be placed in the highest positions than women.

Nowadays women fight wars and rule the world with no questions asked. Goals are being achieved and bridges are being burned with the intention of reaching extraordinary heights in which the world never thought women could reach and because of that women ought to be celebrated.

A woman can be a mentor, teacher, doctor, cook, even a breadwinner in a family. Either way, men are failing to appreciate them. Women are not stopping, they are going past men leaving them with only the mentality that they are more superior.

You can break a woman, make tears flow from her eyes but the next morning she will wear a smile like she always does and show you love like always, that’s the beauty of women, and because of that, let us celebrate each other. Sometimes I wish God had only made a woman’s world with no man to ruin it but nonetheless with storms set for us to bring us down, we are the storms.

Look around the world, there are women like Laurene Jobs , Oprah Winfrey, J.K Rowling and our very own Danai Gurira who are doing the unimaginable and are a success story. I iconise them.

Happy Women’s Day to women who are skinny today and fat tomorrow, women who cry to movies and laugh at their own terrible life situations, who eat more than they speak.

I celebrate women today for being game changers, icons and gate crashers who are boldly scaling new heights and transforming the world.

Dear women, live for weirdness and not perfectionism. I adore you…

By Ruramai Salome Kachikira

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