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Many had become impatient because of the delay in bringing out the video for Akiliz, Ammara Brown’s hit track. Even the Ammartians, as her loyal fans are called, had begun to raise eyebrows.

After much wait, the video finally dropped this week. And it received some of the fiercest criticism, as well as much admiration and adoration. For those who have damned the video to intense condemnation, they cite a plethora of reasons. For the loyal fans, it’s simply Ammara at her best. It is the quintessence of Ammara Brown’s excellence as one of the best musicians in Zimbabwe.

The long wait has been attributed to the disappointment that has been felt by some fans and other sections of the music citizenry in Zimbabwe, and abroad. After waiting for so long, people expected a video that would be above normal. As seen with normal standards of a good, modern video, Akiliz video is not that extremely bad. The director failed to make the video a highly exceptional one, and hence the dejection among fans has seeped in.

Another bone of contention is that the video seems to lack a strong and befitting story-line that would be congruent with the lyrics. The script seems to be quite poor. It could have been much stronger. All things remaining the same, personally, my problem would be with the script of the song. There was an expectation of some good acting from the characters in the video but this seems to be absent.

And then enter Akiliz. People have derided the character of Akiliz. They accuse him of not being good enough and in the local Shona language some have labelled him as a person “akazungaira,” meaning that he is almost a douche-bag, a dumbass. He does not exude that liveliness which some people had expected. But well, he could be exonerated on the basis that all he had to do was to seduce Ammara with his body. He seems to have the moment of his life when he eats supper (I hope this is the best euphemism).

There are others who also feel Ammara is a little bit self-absorbed as regards to choreography. The backing dancers were not even given a chance to exhibit their skills as all focus was on Ammara Brown herself. But these are just some of the things which overly-critical people may observe. Although it is very apparent.

The Akiliz video is not as bad as some people may perceive it to be. It is only that people have suffered from a crisis of expectations. After waiting for so long, people expected a video from Heaven, because Ammara made people wait when the people hungrily wanted to set their eyes on the video.

We may talk all we can, but at the time of writing this, Akiliz is Number 1 on YouTube’s most trending videos in Zimbabwe. So we might as well just get accustomed to her video. It will be super dope for the doubters.

Watch the video below and reach your own verdict:

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