So here is something worth mentioning. American dancer-cum-musician Gshytt has released a video for the song Vibe Is Right, and it was shot right here in Zimbabwe.

From the beginning, it is an impressive work of art.

The video is simply clear-cut. The track Vibe Is Right comes off his debut album As Promised and that single was created specifically with an African focus. The video has a load of stars behind it.

Two dancers of incredible repertoire, Kendra KO Oyesanya and Makia, flew in from the United States for the shoot. The dancers contribute to a story bursting at the seams of the regions Wakanda heritage links.

African Fire Media and Vusa Blaqs brought the video to life, and the work of the former is increasingly getting impeccable.  Providing support were Honde Valley TV, Denzel Alpha and Misheck Rusere who did the behind the scenes shots.

About why he chose Zimbabwe as a location, Gshytt was pretty clear about dealing with the story of Africa and connecting with his roots. He said, “We wanted to show the more beautiful parts of Africa in this music video because many people have a big misconception of the continent. I also felt at home”.

Beyond selling Zimbabwe as a destination for tourist experiences of nature in its virgin form, Gshytt and his crew, while on their way to Vumba spent time at the market in Rusape where they spent hard US Dollar cash buying wares from the community.

Watch the video below and have your own verdict of it:

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