Things are unbearable. Life is extremely tough. Just waking up to see another day is a phenomenon many people attribute to God’s grace (or any other deity they worship.) Unemployment has soared to unspeakable levels and with such, some people even question the whole notion of going to university.

Scores of youths have come to terms with the disappointment that ensues after they graduate. The future has never been uncertain as it is currently. Formal employment, the aspiration of many, is something that one watches agonisingly slipping from their hands. You want to touch it, but it remains elusive. You want to have a feel of it, so that it becomes the foundation of your life’s dreams and hopes, but again it is just elusive.

The whole notion of acquiring degrees seems simple yet can be very complex. The majority of people soon after graduation encounter the harsh reality of an ailing economy that is failing to create jobs for its citizens. The dejection is apparent in the people, one can notice. In the end people are forced to get into jobs, mostly informal, they never wished to do at any point in their lives. The formal sector has failed. Hence a person when after completing university does not find a job and resorts to the informal sector for survival.

There is also another dimension to people finding life after varsity very difficult. There are some people who get forced by their parents to do certain degrees. Being forced, it is obvious they have taken something against what their hearts wish. So they do their degrees, for the parents, but with no love for whatever they are doing. They end up getting lower class degrees and hence it becomes difficult for them to get employed in such a competitive environment like ours.

Some are forced to do degrees that are too much for them, that they are not capable of. The end result is obviously devastating. Hence after completing university life just gets tough. In such circumstances, people resort to what they are best at. Will that have validated the reason for that person to go to university? Was it necessary for that person to go to university?

There are some people who are of the notion that whatever that may come or whatever that can happen, it is best for one to get a degree. Their line of thinking is that a person must be educated. Because education is useful. Because education will get you a job when things get better.

However, the question still remains. After university, then what? Are you going to start your own business? Are you going to keep looking for opportunities in the formal sector? Are you going to be just at home? Are you going to leave Zimbabwe?

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