As the technical & production partner for the Loud Africa Music Talent Search we would like to provide you all with this update.

  • An article was published on the 18th of October 2018 in the NewsDay. This appeared in both their print edition as well as the online version on their website
  • The article, written by Winston Antonio was under the heading ‘Loud Africa Talent Search still on’
  • The same article cited AfricanFire AF Media through Lyndon Kapuya as the source of the comments used as the basis for the article.
  • It said Mr Kapuya acted in AfricanFire AF Media’s stead as a spokesperson.

The facts are as follows

  • AfricanFire AF Media is a technical & production partner on the Loud Africa Music Talent search. Pabloz Productions are the founders and organizers of the production. As such AfricanFire AF Media does not comment on organizational and administrative issues.
  • Lyndon Kapuya is a spokesperson for Loud Africa and acts on behalf of Pabloz Productions. He is not a spokesperson for African Fire AF Media.
  • African Fire AF Media did not provide any comment through Mr Kapuya or otherwise to do with the project.

We felt it was important to bring clarity to the issue for the sake of our different stakeholders as well as business interests.

While we have done work in production as a growing production house, most recently the successful AfricanFire AF Arts & Music Exchange which hosted American artists, our interest in Loud Africa, as has been communicated extensively, is to do with the technical & production aspects of the show that is filming, treatment, music production and more. Anything beyond that is out of our jurisdiction.

Our track record and involvement in over a dozen music videos for artists such as Tamy Moyo, Bryan K and Ammara Brown amongst others with a couple of short films is testament to the work which we have done.

As such we have become for some, a preferred choice as a technical & production partner.

We continue to work on various projects not associated with the music talent search and we will be releasing the information on these in the next few days.

From African Fire Media

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