Ishan ft Ti Gonzi Kure video hits a million views

It’s so heartwarming seeing Ti Gonzi making waves, it’s satisfying to realize he is now a household name in the local music industry and it’s worth thanking the Almighty for his sensational recovery to fitness. We can’t continuously talk about that misfortunate incident yet the man is already defying odds.

News spread yesterday that his fire hit feature with Ishan has reached a million views. I vividly remember writing about this song and how it was racing towards this feat, it was still below 500k views on YouTube by then, I’m not a blogging prophet or Oscar Pambuka now that the million views are here. Credit also importantly goes to the humble and ambitious Ishan, well done. It has been revealed that they met in the studio on different missions, whoever was in the studio should know how they started making this hit. Ishan in an interview revealed how they interacted to the point where they had to remake his song to make this super hit, they mustn’t have expected this achievement.

What does this mean for Ti Gonzi, the most talked about artist in 2019? What does this mean for Zim Hip Hop, a widely sidelined genre? Look, Zim Hip Hop is a genre that has been shadowed for more than a decade now. We cannot fight Zimdancehall down, impossible. Ti Gonzi came as a ghetto youth, he grew with the ghetto mentality and that’s well represented in his music if you ever doubt this assertion. He may not be the best rapper in the nation but surely the most appealing in the streets.

Takura has been the most successful in recent years sharing the stage with the international acts such as Patoranking and Mr Eazi unlike Ti Gonzi. The difference is Ti Gonzi got a slot at the Enzo Ishall birthday bash as the surprise guest, indeed he was up to the task dishing a well polished and energetic short performance regardless of his injury. Ti Gonzi has got fewer hits as compared to Takura but has surely become a very popular figure in Zimbabwe following this Kure hit which is being touted as a major contender for song of the year. He overwhelmingly impressed the City Sports Centre and being a hip hop artist it is something to celebrate.

Ti Gonzi and Takura are now the leading hip hop artists in Zimbabwe. They have changed and inspired the game, they are breaking the boundaries which the OGs failed to do and dictating the pace of this growing culture. Takura is superb when it comes to versatility and his sound is modern which has seen his music relate to mostly girls and uptown kids though he constantly uses shona in his music. Ti gonzi is an original don, he’s got the content, the metaphors and a very unique flow. With this said, the more than a million views is just an exercise of how his originality has assisted in breaking the boundaries for zimhiphop. In the face of popular genres ahead of Zim Hip Hop the two have managed to negotiate their way out which should inspire aspiring rappers. The two hit makers may be what has been missing in the game for a longtime.

Artists should embrace who they are and what they have. The Kure video did not need any expensive building, setting, dirty lyrics or even semi nude ladies for it to compete for airplay with the likes of Jah Prayzah or Winky D. It’s fast becoming a two men race hence rappers need to work and fully utilize the hype created by Ti Gonzi and Takura. Bless up Zim Hip Hop.

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