heart operations in zimbabwe

For children born with heart diseases in Bulawayo and forced to travel to Harare or other places may soon have life going a little bit easy as Government is working on plans to resuscitate cardiac operations in Bulawayo.

At birth, some children are born with a congenital heart defect caused by abnormal formation of the heart during foetal development, although there are no known reasons for it. Scientists suggest heart defects can be attributed to abnormality in number of infant’s chromosomes, single gene defects or environmental factors.

As confirmed by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Child and Health Care Dr. Gerald Gwinji, plans are underway to revive cardiac operations in Bulawayo and said government was willing to assist in financing treatments for the underprivileged.

Heart diseases worryingly contribute to the infant mortality in Zimbabwe, which stands at 60 per 100 000.

Heart surgeries are complex and very expensive, so such a reprieve facilitated by Government would be very much welcome.

Some of the cardiac services of such nature are available in Harare, and easing life for those in Bulawayo would be a good development, really.

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