“Few people will have the greatness to bend history itself ; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events , and in the total of all these acts will be written the history of this generation,” postulates Robert Kennedy.

A 19 year old boy who hails from Waterfalls is writing a small piece of history for the 21st century generation as he was accepted into the prestigious Stanford University.

Stanford University is located in Palo Alto, California –the heart of Silicon Valley. The sunny weather and exotic beach area makes it one of the most beautiful places to live.

Stanford University is famous for being the origin of world changing inventions such as Instagram, WhatsApp, SnapChat, YouTube, Yahoo and the all-knowing Google.

It is this great background together with a huge endowment of over 20 billion dollars and world class facilities and research institutions that have made Stanford one of the best universities in the world and as if that is not enough the hardest university to get into with a mean acceptance rate of 4%.

This little profile consolidates the feat achieved by one of our own-Takudzwa Caitano.

Takudzwa Caitano becomes the third Zimbabwean out of an undergraduate population 7500 to attend Stanford University.

In his own words, Takudzwa said, “This is the greatest achievement of my life! To get accepted into a momentous college like Stanford is a dream come true and beyond my imagination. I am thankful to my family especially my father, my church Hope & Honour Ministries, Marist Nyanga my beautiful school and all my friends for supporting me in this long but fruitful journey. Above all it is God’s plan and I give all glory to him.”

In addition, Takudzwa was awarded with a staggering $80000 per semester full scholarship which includes tuition, room and board, book allowance and personal expenses allowance.

Takudzwa will take up a triple major in Computer Science, Mathematics and Economics with minors in French, Political Science and Entrepreneurship. Takudzwa is the first born in a family of five .He is a son of a prophet and an accountant.

At Nyanga High School Marist Brothers, Takudzwa took a record 18 subjects at O level and attained an amazing 17 A’s and a B. Furthermore,he took an unheard of 7 subjects at A level, a combination of Math, Additional Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics and Business Studies and he is expecting a perfect 35 points.

He says that his governing philosophy of “nothing is impossible” has driven him to try out things that have never been done before. Many people by now would have concluded that Takudzwa is a mere bookworm but l disagree. At school, Takudzwa was involved in vast extracurricular such as debate , quiz , soccer and leadership.Todate he has won a combined 3 national , 1 SADC and 1 world championship in quiz and debate. He was also his school’s Vice Headboy and LEO President.

In addition, Takudzwa is a budding entrepreneur who has started two tech start-ups Globe Connect and Zilicon Valley. He was the first Zimbabwean to be finalist at the valuable Harvard University’s Village to Raise a Child Program and the youngest Zimbabwean to attend the Yale Young Global Scholars Program.

Takudzwa is also the current National Schools Quiz Competition World Series Ambassador. Takudzwa is currently helping his fellow peers to apply to colleges and get access to global opportunities through his Zilicon Valley Network. You can get in touch with Takudzwa Caitano on Instagram, @caitano_official and Facebook.

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