The future of T20 cricket in Zim. Tarisai Musakanda
Tarisai Musakanda. Pic - Cricket365

The Africa T20 Cup was an opportunity for the Zim Select side to prove its worth and show any improvements. However, the Zim Select side crashed out of the T20 in the preliminary round.

Zimbabwe showed potential, but the issue of poor batting, leading to measly scores which can’t be defeated cost them. Batting affects Zim in all the formats; Test, ODI and T20 cricket. The issue is that T20 is a fast game which needs lots of aggressive batting. If the situation does not change, Zim will continue finding it hard to record wins.

T20 has some promising talent. Tarisai Musakanda and Ryan Murray have been exuding the hunger and determination to score much. Part of the future of Zim T20 cricket rests with them. They can inspire their teammates to aim high. In the Africa T20 Cup, Musakanda recorded 38*, 67* and 56*. His partnership with Ryan Murray is exciting. These are the players we would want to see more in the Zimbabwe teams.

There are many players who have shown a zeal for T20 cricket. They have the capability to achieve a lot. But the capability must not remain a capability, it must translate to action, to results.

On the overall, T20 cricket has a bright side, but if the batting remains poor, victories will be a distant possibility.

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