One of those topics where you just get to scratch your head. For me, music is just infinite. Getting to list your top ten is just a mammoth task, but seemingly easy. Because we have a lot of music we lend our ears to.

I have been a fan of Zimbabwean music for many years. Well, I only have two decades on this planet. Very young. But Zimbabwean music has been my favourite, more than international music. I listen to Dancehall from Jamaica and some hits from the United States and the UK, and South Africa too, but Zimbabwean music remains lit for me.

I grew up listening to some songs that my older siblings enjoyed very much. It was just infectious. And some more recent songs that are going to also make this list. Can we just get started now?!

10. Oliver Mtukudzi- Tozeza Baba

This song was very enjoyable and i sang along to it whilst young. I hardly understood the deep themes that lay behind this awesome song. Then as I grew up, it became clear that the man was tackling domestic violence, one of the deep-seated issues in Zimbabwe. And whenever I listen to this song, I feel like challenging domestic tyrants.

9. Tongai Moyo- Munyengeri

Is there any Zimbabwean who didn’t enjoy the start of this song? It was released whilst I was still inthe first grade. Off the famous album Pakanaka Dhewa. “Uyu ndiye munyengeri,” I mean, what a great song! I think I first heard this song on Emzogido, together with other Tongai Moyo hits that included Samanyemba, Zakeo, and many others. Tongai Moyo was a legend. As simple as that.

8. Rozalla- Everybody is Free (to feel good)

Talk of a song that broke many records, that got played in far away lands, that spoke of unity in a jovial and friendly manner. It was last year that I read about this song in the Book of African Records, and I remembered I knew the song, I had heard it when I was very young. Ever since, I have always been playing it, and it is a great tune.

7. Chiwoniso Maraire- Wandirasa

I love Mbira music. It almost feels like love to me. And Chiwoniso Maraire has always been in my playlists ever since I knew her. She motivated other contemporary Mbira artists like Hope Masike. How wonderful. Wandirasa is a song of unrequited love, a woman venting out her anguish, dejection, unhappiness and disappointment. How much she loved a man only to find out she loved herself. Wandirasa is a deep song. Also on Chiwoniso, her hit Ivai Nesu is also one of my favourite jams from this country.

6. Tehn Diamond ft Jnr Brown- Happy

The song that made all of us know of the vast potential that Zim Hip Hop artists Tehn Diamond and Jnr Brown have. They went on to prove on being household names in hip hop. Happy now reveals that side of me, a young person who wants to be happy!

5. Hope Masike- Dziva ReRudo

This is the first song I heard from Hope Masike. And she is now one of my favourite female artists in the country. A Mbira artist who blends it with other genres as well, Hope speaks a lot of pertinent contemporary issues that affect us as a society. Dziva ReRudo is that kind of song that when you listen to it, you change your behaviour immediately. And notice how Hope is very much self-assertive as a woman in her songs…that is just lovely.

4. Winky D- Musarova Bigman

One of the greatest songs to ever come out from Zimbabwe. Is there any Zimbabwean who did not sing along to this song? I pretty much doubt that. This was my favourite song in 2010, when I was still in the seventh grade. Even today, the song just reveals how much great Winky D is. A legend. A living one after all.

3. Military Touch Movement- Chekeche

So I had a hard time trying to come up with a favourite from Jah Prayzah and ExQ particularly. Then I just decided to settle for this one, where they collaborated together with Andy Muridzo, Nutty O, Tahle. A great song that shows the prowess of all the artists included, with my main focus still going to Jah Prayzah.

2. Winky D- Disappear

Winky D is never enough. I just wish I could do a separate article just to focus on Winky D alone. He seems to get better with age. But Disappear for me epitomizes how an icon Winky D. As alluded before, as living legend.

  1. Roki- Chidzoka

Rockford Josphat. Chidzoka. I just love this song. So much love, a lot of it. Well, maybe I am not engrossed. And maybe I have run out of words to describe Chidzoka.

The list is endless. This list is to just encapsulate my journey in Zimbabwean music, from the yesteryear hits to the present ones.

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