This is my first post of the #30DayAfriBlogger Challenge. I have arrived late. Oh damn. But let me just start by focusing on one my natural talents I adore very much, writing.

Our lives are very artistic, and it is because of this effect that the human race is contained and sustained. Our ability to be creative and the ways we employ in being creative propel us to new ideas every single day of our lives.

The expression of this comes in various forms. We have singers. We have actors and actresses. We have dramatists. We have writers. My main focus is on the writing aspect of this.

Writing is an art. An art that has to be nurtured. An art that has to flourish. The way ideas are expressed through writing fascinates me. One cannot even imagine a world without writing, it is simply inconceivable. And writing is a skill that must never be allowed to die. There’s an everlasting effect of writing.

It’s always been stressed that a good writer is a good reader. One can never have a successful writing streak without reading. It is through reading that your mind always remains in an active mode and you get to learn new techniques, adding to the richness that you already possess.

A good writer must always write. The key is consistency. Keep writing. Keep reading. Keep writing. Keep reading. Even when you don’t feel like writing just write. Even the smallest of things in life, just write.

One’s everyday writing must always get straight to the point. There is no use in producing pieces that leave readers wondering what the writer intends to say. That just sucks.

Research, current affairs, and all that boring stuff are key essentials in making your writing skills stay alive.

Ask others for help. Collaborate. There is power in collaboration. Where you think you are unsure, do consult others. After all no one is an island. You need other people’s help in improving your skills.

So, there you are. Don’t let that writing talent of yours die.


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