This is something we deal with on a daily basis. People appreciating this skin tone/colour, and shunning the other one.

It’s because of beauty. People strive to achieve the highest level of beauty. So because of this, there are accepted forms of beauty, and others that are not important. And this particularly stems from some colonial mentalities.

I have been writing about the impacts of colonialism on The African Exponent and African Curators, and one of these was the socio-cultural impacts of colonialism. Our lives became filled with white standards. Everything beautiful is a matter of whether it is done by white people. And the notion dangerously affected our ideas of beauty.

In most cases, you see women bleaching their skin. We have many examples of women who have been bleaching their skin. Because people associate light skin as the rue definition of beauty. The yellowbones draw more admiration than the ones with dark skin colour.

One wonders why people do not accept what they are. A person may spend a fortune in attempts to make their skin lighter. Even a lot of males have been doing this. Colourism has creeped into our society and the levels are very dangerous.

We now have people who have lost their true self-worth.

But anyway, who am I to disallow them from doing whatever they want with their skin?

Beauty has no skin colour.

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