I have been to many events. I have seen may artists sing. Many Zimbabwean Hip Hop artists performing. But there is just something amazing about Sharky.

On the first of September this year, I visited the National Gallery of Zimbabwe for the First Fridays Poetry and Chill. Read about this in detail here. A perfect place for arts lovers. But my focus will go to Marshall Muchenje, better known as Sharky.

Sharky is a Zimbabwean hip hop artist I have been following mainly when he released his first album Soko Matemai. This year surprised everyone by releasing another album, Take Back The Land.

One thing that differentiates Sharky from many artists in Zim Hip Hop is his unique element of coming up with Hip Hop music that a person can directly identify with Zimbabwe. In essence he is just tired of simply copying other styles of Hip Hop. His is unique, there is something very special about it. He is the future of Zim Hip Hop.

He gave a deep performance, and that’s when it struck me that Sharky is not like any other artist. In Law, there is a Latin term called sui generis. It basically means “in a class of its own.” I feel this is one of the best ways to describe Sharky.

His deep Afrocentric theme captivates me. Last week he gave a short performance, but one that spoke a lot. A real lot. His selected songs last week hinged on questioning the status quo, and for demanding better. Now isn’t that special?

He explained the meaning of his new album in very simple terms. Very simple terms. Take Back THE Land. Take back what’s yours. Don’t let other people carve your destiny for you.

Succinctly, I was captivated.

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