This indeed was a true challenge, in all respects. The fact that Day 30 get authored in October is clear testimony that the challenge was real.

The writing changes I have gone through are what I am proud of. The challenge allowed my mind to delve into topics I have never thought of authoring. The challenge provided that opportunity. It was easy, it was hard. I am now able to tackle some tough topics through writing.

My way of expressing certain societal topics has become clearer. In many respects, the challenge has changed me. One thing for sure, it taught me to keep going on. And the fact that I have finished it makes me happy.

I could have easily given up, but I kept on going. I kept on putting my mind under pressure, and finally, I have achieved what I wanted to.

Beating deadlines. Beating the confinement of the mind. One can never be restricted to what they are capable of unleashing. In this line, I would like to think I am very good at what I do. Which basically sustains me.

I am even keen on taking more challenges!

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