Love is not a crime. We all have affections. We all have the strong desire to plunge ourselves into intimate affairs. But when this is done alongside parenting, one has to take extra-caution.

When single parents decide to take the option of dating, they must do so prudently. This is because of the delicate situation that just prevails. They should move with the utmost caution. It obviously isn’t wise to introduce everyone you hook up with to the children. If everyone you date is introduced to the children, it inevitably creates confusion in the children.

What one cad do is to say maybe after a certain specified time, they then introduce the person to the children. That way, it is not everyone who gets to be known by the children, and that time factor will allow one to make wise decisions on whether to continue with that person or not.

If someone is not comfortable with accepting your kids as part of the package, that person probably is not for you. We are all subjected to peculiar circumstances, some we choose but never like, some we choose and like, some we never choose at all but it just happens. Kids get mistreated by that one person who views them in a demeaning manner, the rates of children just getting abused skyrocket.

If the kids are still young, it is best to always move with caution. If they are a bit older, it would be wise to sit down with them and discuss the situation that would be prevailing at that moment.

The bottom line is that dating while parenting is something that needs to be done carefully, and not recklessly. The situation requires more caution especially if the children are still very young.

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