When it comes to clothing, I really admire preserving my autonomy. I wear what I like, and when I feel like it.

This autonomy is always under threat nonetheless. It is affronted from all the four corners of the globe. The fight really gets serious and intense when you have a significant other. They would want to meticulously observe what you are wearing, and they would take pleasure in telling you that, “Please go and change what you are wearing, this is sooo inappropriate.”

But it’s a common phenomena. I sometimes see my mother just doing some checks on what my father would be wearing. And at times there is no problem in that.

Policing what others wear actually saves lives. And it saves countless debacles that may ensue. In any case, I still like to preserve my autonomy.

However there are instances where it is inevitable for your significant other to do rigorous policing on what you will be wearing. In these instances, it is a necessity. This must not be abused to do the policing willy-nilly.

If she wants to police what I wear, then fine. But don’t abuse it please. I wear what I like.

And I won’t wear something inappropriate. I will also not let you wear something inappropriate.

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