Natural hair growth

Let me just say this is one area I am not particularly going to be extremely and over-zealously sentimental about, but it’s a pertinent issue especially in today’s world where the voices of women have grown more than ever imagined (in our context in a positive sense).

Women face a barrage of attacks at certain times when it comes to the issue of their hair. This somehow escalates when it comes to the position of the woman in the workplace, and her hair. The restrictions society put on the hair of women are in a subtle and express way very monumental.

They want women to be spotting what they desire. So when the woman has a different hairstyle as opposed to what they may desire they feel challenged. That hairstyle becomes “unacceptable.” But is it your hair?

In my own sense, women should feel free to do whatever they want with their hair with no one questioning them. It’s just strange that there are tribunals deciding on what a woman must be doing with her hair.

So to all the lovely black women out there, be free to express yourselves! It’s your hair, do what you want and what you need with it! It’s yours!

Natural hair growth

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