One thing I am feeling right now: I made the right decision, and I am prepared to face whatever that may come in my way because of this decision.

All my life, I can safely say that I have been making the right academic choices. I have been doing what I am good at and I do not regret any decision I have taken. And what I am currently studying is what makes me feel all the more secure.

I am a first-year Law student at the University of Zimbabwe. I am glad to have taken Law as my program, not particularly because of high grades or anything of that kind, but because I know it allows me to explore and to stretch my mind. Because it is enlightening, and very important part to society. It allows one to get the meaning of things, to get to understand how society functions, and helps in tackling day-to-day problems we face, with some of them eventually ending up in the courts.

I chose Law because I love it. Because it will allow me to be my best self. Because it enhances the level at which we question things in society, at which we question the status quo.

Well, and also because of that feeling of being prepared to tackle tough challenges. And to ultimately use all the information for the betterment of society.



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