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Food is at the core of human existence. And in our context, as Zimbabweans, we do not deviate from what we know best when it simply comes to food.

For me cooking is an art. One that is lively and presents an opportunity to show how brilliant and sophisticated the human mind. It all then comes down to our staple food. Sadza. Sadza is just wonderful. Sadza is just so splendid in a way beyond the comprehension of our sometimes feeble minds.

This now further goes down to the staple meal in our family. My mother perfectly taught how to cook well from an early age, and all these years I have had the chance to emulate magnificently her way of cooking, which is very beautiful. The way she cooks meat leaves you salivating for more. The way she does the soup, you won’t be mistaken to think that paradise (whatever that concept is) is here on earth. And that’s how exactly I cook.

I refer to both my mother’s cooking and mine as “The Mastery of Perfection.” We are a super combination. We perform miracles in the kitchen.

I could go on and on about how we exquisitely cook our staple meal. Well, it doesn’t only apply to sadza, meat and veggies; but to other meals in general. At times the economy is rough on us and we fail to get meat.

The delicacy of sadza, meat and veggies is enough to soothe one’s soul.

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