A million things on this planet worry me. And among these is my lack of exercise and fitness. At times it confounds me.

I just hate exercising. It always feels like an uphill task, and I am always lazy to undertake such. I am not even a fan of fitness and exercise. But then I look at my health and it strikes me that urgent action is required.

My lack of exercise is simply not attributed to my laziness and super-ultra procrastination. But then, I have other health problems that hinder my need to exercise. Some time last year, a certain doctor told me not to do heavy, strenuous physical activity. So what confuses me is the fact that if I exercise, I am doing harm to myself. If I don’t exercise, I am still doing harm to myself.

But on the overall, it concerns me that I am the most apathetical person on this planet when it comes to exercise.

I wish I could exercise.

But currently this is not to be.

And that’s why I am worried about my lack of fitness and exercise.

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