I am a person who has always admired the art of freedom of expression. I have always wanted to live my life in a space where some of my deepest and personal thoughts are expressed.

And I like to do this through writing. That is the primary reason why http://zimsphere.com is alive today. Through writing, I get to speak my own story. I get to share other thoughts that I find worth sharing.

So the #30DayAfriBlogger Challenge gave me this opportunity. The blog challenge is allowing me to think freely and critically. It is a chance I could not let slip away. We are halfway, and the journey is an exciting one.

Getting to tackle numerous topics has helped me to also check the way I think and my general perception of the world.

The blog challenge is just the perfect one for any blogger.

It is allowing me to question many things in society. And that chance to just connect with fellow bloggers and share our experiences together.

I like writing, and taking part in a challenge initiated by fellow Zimbabweans is more than exciting.


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