This is a mental health post, and mental health is of great importance now more than ever in our contemporary society.

Mental health has been that aspect which generally the African society has shunned, but with rapidly increasing cases of depression, and at times suicides, people have now realized that more attention need to be focused on the issue of mental health. It has been that taboo in our society, but neglecting the issue only works to affect us and our loved ones.

There are some people who harbor suicidal thoughts. Because the society has largely treated the area with taboo, the affected persons resort to solving this by themselves. They drown in their pools of thoughts, they have no one to confide in, and even if they do, some people would just treat that lightly. The end result, we all know it.

Allow people to confide in you. Allow people to share their problems with you. And if you are affected, especially with depression, never hesitate to talk about the issue with someone else whom you trust.

The only path to rescue ourselves from inherent self-destruction through a multiplicity of both internal and external factors is to co-operate and collaborate. It is to help each other sail through their darkest and horrendous moments.

We should never develop the habit of saying, “If we could have only helped him,” when the person is already gone.

Mental health is of paramount importance.

Always ensure your mental health is in check. It is always in a good shape.

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