People ask me a lot of questions. Like many questions. Some I answer. Some, I now find them almost exasperating.

People do keep asking me strange questions. Yeah, for me they seem strange. Because to them it is the normality.

I find it interesting and at time debilitating when people ask about my relationship status. It’s not like I do not give a damn. But hey. Come on. Every time you see me or get in touch with me that’s the one question you want to ask me. You could ask how my site is performing. You could ask how I am coping with my studies. You could ask about my health. Not to say, “ko bhebhi rako riri sei,” eish, like seriously.

Maybe I have bae. Maybe I do not.

It’s not only this question that people keep asking me. Anyway I am still young. Like very very young.

And then those people who ask me whether I am afraid or not concerning the way I expess my opinions through writing. To these I APPRECIATE the concern, but don’t worry, I know what I am doing.

It’s all about self-autonomy and standing for what you believe in.

What are some of the questions people keep asking you about?

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