Harare is the kind of place where everything happens. Whatever you wish to find, get it in Harare. Our capital city that has its negatives and positives.

And then trying to tell a person who has just visited Harare where to go, and what to do. Not as really easy. But let me tackle this from my very own perspective.

I live in Mutare, and only in Harare for educational purposes. What was the first thing I did when I cam to Harare? I am a person who loves the arts. And my life is somehow dedicated to push the arts sector in Zimbabwe forward. If you want to please my soul, please take me to a place of the arts.

I first went to the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Just seeing the art drawings and paintings and other artistic pieces there made me feel like I was in another place altogether presumably out of this planet. And also the Alliance Francaise.

So for me the number one thing is to visit as many arts centres as I can. Some have closed, some are still running.

Can we consider going to clubs artistic? Because that is one of the major things to do in Harare.

And also to just get a clear picture of the mess that Harare has become so we can find something to rant about on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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