ZikuTsoTsi Movement has dropped a new single from their debut EP as DaKid Verse had been hinting for sometime now.The song titled Ngoro (Produced by Tay Beats and Q Bar) features ZikuTsoTsi member DaKid Verse,Shaquille and Blaq Tshukela.The song is not just a song about the grind but a song about motivating people to continue grinding and pushing despite the hardships and challenges that comes with life.

With a catchy hook by DaKid Verse and two hard hitting verses in Ndebele coming from both Shaquille and Blaq Tshukela the Squad means business and are not messing around. The EP is titled Pawns,Knights and Castles and will feature more artists from the indie label.

DaKid Verse and his label are purely making moves of taking over the world of Zim Hip Hop. But first they need to meet up with the contender Ti Gonzi who in my opinion is the ruling King after Junior Brown. Download here the latest single


ZiKuTsoTsi Movement (DaKid Verse x Blaq Tshukela x Shaquille) – Ngoro (Produced by Tay Beats Mixed & Mastered By Q Bar )

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