Fast forward 2023, the multi award winning artist, Helen is on a tour in Europe after she just launched her second album. Her latest video is still number one on trending and she’s setting up a studio in Queens Park which happens to be her home area, to help upcoming artists.

I thought it would be much more appropriate to fantasize her successes rather than talking about the clear potential that’s in her. She’s the embodiment of pure talent in terms of vocals and lyricism. The last time I got moved by an ‘amai’ dedication song was when Chiwoniso Maraire gave us one, oh and King Shady as well. We have a highly congested music industry, perhaps that explains why Helen is not on the spotlight just as yet and for sure it’s a matter of time.

I’m still awestruck by the fact that she’s only 17, awe, with that talent! Maybe we could be having our own Koffee version from Bulawayo. Thanks to Mumhanzi Media for giving this flower some exposure. She introduced herself, ‘Well I’m Tadiwa Helen Nyati and I use my second name as my stage name. I got into the music industry last year and released my first track called life in October, the other four were released thereafter. I’m working on my EP that I will release anytime soon and it features an emcee from South Africa’. The multi genre artist revealed how her music carries Mariah Carey and Cynthia Mare inspiration. Helen looks forward to communicate positivity in a musically comprehensive way.

Her song Amai is emotionally provoking and full of sense. The level of lyrical maturity in her music might as well be mind boggling especially knowing that she’s yet to taste adulthood. It is a fast beat afro pop production that tells a story of how life has suddenly become difficult without a mother figure. She really expresses how death can be a source of psychological trauma and generally hardships that are also owed to it. Her debut studio track called life is further elaboration to the proposed fact that she’s a powerful writer and gifted vocalist. Helen tells us to pray, we can’t make it on our own and that life is not easy, content which easily relates to any Zimbabwean citizen.

It’s actually a wonderful experience having a word with this promising youngster who’s steadily taking each step diligently. Her career might just be a year old but the way she has started handling her music might as well earn her proper opportunities to showcase her talent. Helen is ready for various endeavors, her strength lies in versatility and her voice can surely grace any sound. This could be a chance for a lot of rappers to engage and utilize such talent as well. We have seen Cindy Munyavi do it and we loved it.

Her breakout will surely storm the local music industry and if all goes well her EP will give her some limelight so that she joins the already established Tamy, Gemma and Ammara on the mainstream. That would surely be worth celebrating for anyone who has understood this wonder soulful voice.

Use the link below to listen to her songs and tell us what you think:

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