Pic: Open Parly ZW

The castigation that rained on the MDC Alliance for travelling to the United States of America as they sought to put pressure on electoral reforms is totally understandable.

How can a political party rush to Western powers for a local issue we can resolve? How can they bypass the citizens, SADC, the AU and simply rush to the US? It smacks some hypocrisy.

But again, what other option do they have? They are in a mess. They need the reforms. They also have a sense of entitlement to ruling the country.

Put all of that aside. The fact is if elections are going to be conducted now, will they be fair and credible? That is pretty much in doubt! As a country, it is our collective effort to call for electoral reforms. As of now, the playing field is not even.

Can we vindicate the MDC? That’s your own verdict to reach.

Electoral reforms are a matter of urgency.

And, will President Emmerson Mnangagwa grant these?

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