First, ZANU-PF is a complex system.

Second, ZANU-PF is obsessed with making laws that ensure their grip on power is retained.

Third, ZANU-PF likes a formalistic approach to the laws, they want to adhere to laws no matter how absurd or undemocratic they are.

We are a nation bruised by years of electoral rigging. We strongly believe rigging has still found space. We strongly believe results have been cooked.

With a two-thirds majority in Parliament, it now means that ZANU-PF can legally amend the Constitution. Emmerson Mnangagwa pushed for the amendment of the Constitution so that only the President gets to appoint the Chief Justice, reversing a process of public interviews. What is to stop them from amending many other provisions of the Constitution? Remember that time last year when Patrick Chinamasa said they were considering removing devolution? We are screwed here. ZANU acts on its whims driven by malicious machinations to maintain power. They create a facade of democracy. It’s very sad for our democracy.

Let’s say Chamisa wins. How will he lead efficiently with Parliament constisting of two-thirds majority for ZANU? They can easily impeach him. They can easily get rid of him.

And if Mnangagwa wins, it just means more passing of absurd, undemocratic laws. Which they will stick to religiously. Alignment of many other laws to the Constitution is gonna take a century really.

And even for the proportional representation system, this is messy really. ZANU-PF got the most votes, there are gonna be more ZANU-PF senators.

We’re screwed, folks.

A ZANU majority is the least we wanted.

But, here we are, screwed.

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