Currently, the ruling party is reeling under a fierce and deadly factional and succession war, and with all that has unfolded, it is now too late for the factions to retract their intentions.

Put simply, it is a dog-eat-dog affair. The toxicity of Mugabe failing to openly create a succession plan has yielded some dreadful repercussion in the revolutionary party.

A segment of the population may be tempted to sympathise with one of the factions.

What is ostensible is that these factional wars will not alleviate the predicament that this country is facing. The economy is ailing, the health structure is a dilapidated one, the business environment is hostile towards new investors and new opportunities.

What we have is a strangulation of the potential to freedom under the hands of a tyrannical government.

Abject poverty is what the majority of the citizens are subjected to.

Factional wars in Zanu-PF have no scope whatsoever as to how to deal with this crisis. This is a war about who will further destroy the country while unjustly enriching themselves.

No good intention is coming out of this.

They do not do us any good.

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