Dear Zimbabwe
Age has turned my legacy into a clown
Shame, misery and regret is my crown
But in a day or night I long to be a hero
A hero who I always admires
A real man who speaks the truth
A hero who feels for the public
That hero whose struggles graces the mass
But only if I was free
Only if I let you know what is behind the scene
I’m a restless soul
Once able-bodied; now helpless
I admit with much regret that I made a greatest foul of my life
When I buried my real wife
When I succumbed to the seduction of a bigot Secretary
When I failed to buoy bigamy
I’m a failure of my own house affairs
Failing to nurture even these fondlings
I’m being extremely threatened; behind unseen steel bars
Axed by a Jezebel in my arms
My life is a dis-Grace; she’s pulling the strings then whipped to dance
Only if you know how I long to rest
How my heart yearns to offer people their liberty
Only if you come to my rescue; –
Be it a coup, I will shade no tears.
Take me away I need to retire
People come fight this heartless Dis-Grace
Your freedom is twice my freedom.
Fight for my dethrone
Yours in tears

Rugare Gara Mandiri (R. G. M)

(BY HAILE SAIZE- a Word guerilla, a fighter of human rights, a Word slinger in the Campaign against despotism)

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