Her hope’s night stars
Of up-to-nothing patriots
Who by elections the state idolized
But past the victory frustration scourged
And others to suicide flew their passion
And to rebellion and treason
thumbing down leaders and officials
Inciting pandemonium no pen can pen-
Her hope’s Crime ridden ghettoes
of downtrodden out-of-work militant youths
And free working sheepish loyalists
Bound in satisfaction at the Expense of their patriotic idiocy
The worst failed and exploited people-
Her hope’s Crime Alleviation team
dodged duties into the thick forest of their frustration
Between deployment site
And suspected crime scene-
In frustration, she is seen by the country roads
And in caves,in townships
And niteclubs:as a thigh vendor
Marketing crumbs of her stale hope.

(By B. T Masenga- a bold word guerilla, a fiery poet through his writings tirelessly and boldly seek to strip nude the oppression and the violations of basic human rights)



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