The inaugural Zimbabwe Hip Hop Summit will take place on 30 September 2017 and we have a few reasons why we are excited about this noble initiative for the industry to move forward and benefit all stakeholders.

The Zim Hip Hop Summit will take place at The Hub at Shoko Festival, Harare City Library. The Summit will serve the purpose of creating dialogue, spreading ideasm sharing knowledge and growing the hip hop industry in Zimbabwe. The Summit is being organised by two of the major arts players in the country, Jibilika and Shoko Festival.

The fact that some people have seen it fitting to converge and discuss ways forward is what we are really excited about. Zim Hip Hop has had many problems that have affected the artists. the producers, the promoters, the listeners and the media too. Coming together to map a way forward and to grow the sector is of paramount importance.

Popular local artists and international artists will also grace the event which is a major boost for such a gathering. This will give many other people who will attend the chance to interact with them, learning and listening to new ideas that promise to change the game for the better.

Zimbabwe Hip Hop has come a long way to be where it is today, and still has a long way to go. Events like these will give room for people to adequately address the problems and challenges bedeviling the sector, thus coming up with new ideas to push the industry in the positive trajectory.


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