President Mnangagwa was part of Gukurahundi. Mnangagwa must not act like he was not part of the zanu system for 38 years
President Emmerson Mnangagwa and wife Auxillia during at a rally

It’s election season, folks. The election date was proclaimed already and the campaign mode is getting intense from all fronts. Which is how that’s supposed to be. But there’s something disconcerting with the way President Emmerson Mnangagwa is acting and speaking. Ever since November, actually.

President Mnangagwa got power though illegal means, through a coup backed by the might of the military. He is fully aware that his legitimacy is still dented, even though some sections like the British administration have embraced him. For some, well, they aren’t convinced as yet.

Thereafter came an intense charm offensive meant to woo the West and to portray Mnangagwa in a positive light and as one of the greatest reformers the world has ever seen. Europeans, particularly the British, have been convinced by this charm offensive.

The goal has been to dissociate Emmerson Mnangagwa from the past atrocities of ZANU-PF and their ruinous economic policies that almost made Zimbabwe a completely failed state. Hey, ZANU almost obliterated this country, clueless as to how the country could be fixed while bathing in sheer opulence.

Mnangagwa was part of all this. He was there, right from the beginning. He was with Mugabe for the longest of years. Atrocities like Gukurahundi were presided over by people like Emmerson Mnangagwa.

And now all of a sudden he is a saint? No, pass. For real. When you’ve been part of a system that has presided over gross violation of human rights, killings, tortures, dilapidated health system, crumbling infrastructure, moribund economy, massive corruption and looting, election rigging, you are no saint. Old habits die hard.

The end result is power retention. Mnangagwa must never be dissociated from the past. He was part of it. All along.

People must not fall for the propaganda.

What we see is just a matter of elite convergence.

There is less regard for the people.

All he needs is legitimacy. That is why he is acting and speaking like he was never part of ZANU-PF all these past years and also as if he was never with Robert Mugabe at any moment in his life.

Legitimacy, folks, legitimacy.

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