Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe

The Zimbabwean political space has become so parochial, it has become so narrowed that one can’t have a clear vision of what’s really happening, or the end goal to be achieved.

The bulk of time is spent on accusations and counter-accusations. Plots and counter-plots. Incessant bickering and squabbles. This is not confined to any political party, but, to a larger extent, almost every party in Zimbabwe.

The opposition appears to be clueless and directionless. They seem not keen on proffering solutions to end the misery that Zimbabweans have been subjected to for decades. As regards the formation of the coalition, they take one step forward and two steps backwards. A common objective seems to be absent among them.

The ruling party is the most exasperating. Focus has been shifted from national development to the factional wars. And mind you, these are not factional wars to see who will better Zimbabwe, but to see who will further cause destruction to the nation. Poison this, poison that.

Where are we going as a nation with our politics? What’s our end-goal? What do we want to achieve?

If one is to take a look at the number of the opposition parties in Zimbabwe, they would be extremely shocked. It’s just one of those signs of confusion that reigns supreme in our political arena.

We can do better as a nation.

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