This article is not only restricted to the Chinamasa issue but to many other ministries as well. Of particular focus first is the Chinamasa one.

The cabinet reshuffle was announced and Patrick Chinamasa was removed from the Finance Ministry (now headed by Ignatius Chombo) to a newly-formed one called Ministry of Cyber Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation. Now this has got Zimbabweans reverting to their humorous mode when such issues arise, a subtle method of hiding from the prevailing misery all over.

Chinamasa’s new role can be both negative and positive, depending on the whims of the regime. The world is taken by technology and the internet has a huge role in this. Everything now happens on the internet. Without some form of control on the internet, things can just go horribly wrong at any time without us even thinking of the dreadful repercussions that may ensue. Cyber technology is so much in today’s world. This is not even restricted to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Isn’t that parochial? And let us not even underestimate the devastating impact of massive cyber-attacks.

On the other hand, this could spell doom for us. This could mean restrcted expression of free thoughts that may be perceived as dangerous on the internet. With people subjecting Chinamasa to this kind of deplorable derision, he may want to have something to prove to the county. That something is being done. It’s both in the negative and in the positive. The regime is notorious for the subjugation of dissenting voices. This, with more reiteration, could spell doom for us. This is a message that Chinamasa has to prove himself.

Another worry is with the Ministry of Justice, Legal & Parliamentary Affairs. Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been removed as the minister and replaced by Happyton Bonyongwe, the former CIO boss. We could see more repression, abductions and tortures going unpunished. We basically see the epitome of impunity.

The rest is just our president Robert Mugabe recycling dead wood.

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